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Are you ready to get dramatic results is just 20 minutes? 

At Pure Vibe Fitness Studio, we believe in the healing power of Whole Body Vibration and have specifically designed our classes to cater to all levels in order to meet each individual’s needs. Our classes target the entire body so our vibers truly transform themselves to become leaner, firmer, stronger and healthier and the results they have achieved are life changing. Whether your intention is to get fit, lose weight, get stronger, more toned, improve core strength, gain balance and flexibility, rehab an injury, cross-train or distress Pure Vibe provides a quick and efficient way for you to fulfill your fitness & wellness goals.

We pride ourselves on taking care of our New Vibers, here are New Viber Tips to help get you started:

1. Your first step is to book an Introduction Class so please check out our Class Schedule to determine the time that suits you and email us at

2. Once your Introduction Class is booked please review your fitness and health goals and what you want to achieve in our studio as we will make class and trainer recommendations based on your needs. This is your unique opportunity to have one on one attention from both studio owners so please come prepared so we can set you up for success!

3. Please arrive 10 minutes before your Introduction Class and allow 60 minutes so we can review your goals, access any injuries and train you how to use the machine safely and effectively.

4. We will set you up with your class schedule and online account so please again check out our Class Schedule
 to determine the class times that suit your needs.

5. As an added bonus on your first visit, you will receive an additional 20% off any package so review our 
Membership Prices  online to determine the best deal for you as there are amazing upgrade opportunities!

6. Please wear supportive workout gear that you feel comfortable sweating in.

7. Please come to class well hydrated and on an empty stomach unless otherwise directed by your physician.

8. Keep an opened mind and ready to have some fun!


• Your machine is reserved for you, therefore, to save you time, you only need to arrive when your class starts.

• Please be mindful that the studio may be closed between classes therefore we ask you to please not arrive early.

• Please, late cancel online as soon as you know you are unable to attend a class.

• Come well hydrated and eat lightly 2-3 hours prior to your class.

• Be sure to advise your trainer if you have any injuries, medical conditions or are pregnant.

• Please keep low voices in the studio while classes are in session.

• Cell phones must be on silent while in the studio. Phones are not permitted during classes. If you need to take a call please excuse   yourself from the studio.

• Indoor (Clean) runners ONLY are permitted on the machines - barefoot preferred.

• Please do not place water bottles on the vibe floor or near machines.

• Please refrain from talking and practice silence during class in respect towards your fellow vibers, your trainer and most                     importantly yourself.

Please email studio owner at if you have any questions or concerns.










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